Repair Catalog Item
Manufacturer Videojet

Printhead Driver Board

Model Number 353804G
Part Number 6440991
Repair Price $ 205

The price shown above is a good indication of what you should expect to pay to have Test Point repair your Videojet 353804G.


Since 1994, Test Point Inc. has been repairing industrial electronics to component level. Call us today at 888-493-8181

We can repair your Videojet 353804G
Send it to us and we will diagnose it for you in as short a time as possible. For most boards and electronic assemblies, this evaluation is done at no charge. If you need your Videojet 353804G back quickly, we can RUSH it through for a small additional charge.

Remember that we provide a 1 year warranty on most repairs.

Please contact us today at 888 493 8181 and talk to an engineer who can answer any questions you may have.

Be sure to print out our SERVICE AUTHORIZATION form and include it in the box along with the board.