Mobile Application Testing

When you release a mobile app, be it a SaaS service, a social platform or a website, you will probably find some unexpected errors and mistakes. It happens to every product and every app, and you must have the tools to find and fix them.

Testpoint’s pool of professional mobile app testers is your key to success. Get the advantages of huge QA in-house teams that are dedicated to your mobile app test or service. 

Surpass the limits of time-consuming tests and get to peak performances in any aspect – and it all starts with a click.

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Meet Our Testers

Takes pride in enhancing the user experience of healthcare applications while ensuring the utmost security of patient data.

Takes pride in conducting thorough performance and security testing to guarantee healthcare systems are efficient and protect sensitive patient data.

Enjoys the challenge of ensuring online gaming environments are engaging and can handle the demands of concurrent players with ease.

Takes pride in conducting rigorous security and performance testing to guarantee the integrity and efficiency of energy infrastructure.

Enjoys enhancing the usability and user experience of fintech and edtech solutions to meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Takes pride in enhancing the efficiency and capability of e-commerce and big data systems to handle massive volumes of transactions and data processing.

Enjoys the challenge of securing and stress-testing telecom and network systems to ensure they are robust and impenetrable under all circumstances.

Takes pride in rigorously testing automotive and IoT systems to guarantee they perform reliably under various stress conditions.

Enjoys improving user experiences in gaming and virtual reality systems.

Enjoys enhancing user experiences in fintech and web applications.

Android or iOS, whatever your client prefers you will deliver.

Mobile users are brutal. Their standard for user experience is the highest in the market, and the reviews they leave can make or break your product. Your app simply cannot afford any bugs or glitches – you must ensure it works flawlessly before the day it uploads.

With user-oriented testing protocols, we will help you optimize your app, get it ready for the app store and start collecting those 5-star reviews.

Get ready for the app store

Developers know how different it is to work with iOS and Android, each system has a different set of requirements and tools, and you must ensure a consistent and flawless experience across all OS.


With our team of qualified testers we can help you achieve exactly that. Test for iOS and Android at the same time and build the best experience cross-platform.

Mobile App Testing Services
Desktop Application Testing

iOS or Android? Why not both!

Mobile apps are one of the most beneficial points of contact with your users, and this is your chance to get to your client where it matters most.

But using all the potential of a device can be tricky, though. With inner-protocols and demands for each device, there are many places for errors. If you choose mobile app testing, our testers will find them before anyone else, so you can fix them and realize the full potential of your product.

Maximize your potential

Launch day for any app is critical. The clean slate of reviews provides you with a potentially amazing opportunity that will be missed if anything is even a tiny bit flawed.

We cut down on testing time using our mobile application testers to allow you to be truly prepared to any scenario that will arise from the most varied types of use. Get it done way before launch day and make sure that you launch perfectly.

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Lead the team

Each test in our platform is being monitored to make sure you will get exactly what you need. You have the control over the testing environments, goals and needs. We simply deliver.

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Multiple results

With a singular, transparent, and simple report you get the most comprehensive understanding of your product’s weak-points – by combining our numerous professional testing results.

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Proven Success

We are working with top apps and services to ensure optimal results such as: Playtika, Matrix and many more. Our experience ensures your own success.

Our Clients

From leading brands to emerging companies, our clients support 1.6 billion+ users and are organizations of all sizes.

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Testpoint is one of the leading forces in the market for finding, filtering, and employing QA testers of the highest quality. Over the past years we have built a pool of professionals that specialize in any kind of test you may need to ensure your product gets the best treatment possible: testing environments, testing protocols, languages, and platforms. We work alongside our clients to understand and identify the testing needs, build a team and managing it to provide the most comprehensive test results out there.

Forget the limits of your personnel and budget and get the results you always wanted with a team that surpasses the constraints – and in fraction of the cost.