Michael Smith 

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Takes pride in delivering comprehensive usability and security testing to ensure banking applications are user-friendly and impervious to cyber threats.



New York, USA 


English, German

Expertise and Skills


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)


Committed to enhancing the usability and security of banking applications and financial services.



Michael Smith’s security testing for our financial services was extensive, fortifying our systems against cyber threats and ensuring the protection of sensitive financial data
Michael Smith’s proficiency in English and German strengthened our capability to serve an international customer base and comply with global financial security standards
As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Michael Smith’s expertise in usability and security testing was critical in the robust and customer-friendly design of our banking applications
Michael Smith’s methodical approach to usability testing allowed us to streamline our banking processes, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention
Michael Smith’s dedication to security and usability was evident in his thorough testing, which played a significant role in maintaining our reputation and competitive position in the financial sector
Michael Smith’s professional testing and optimization efforts have been crucial in ensuring the reliability and user-centric design of our financial services and banking applications

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