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When you release an Android app, be it a SaaS service, a social platform or a website, you will probably find some unexpected errors and mistakes. It happens to every product and every app, and you must have the tools to find and fix them.

Testpoint’s pool of professional android application testers is your key to success. Get the advantages of huge QA in-house teams that are dedicated to your Android app or service. Surpass the limits of time-consuming tests and get to peak performances in any aspect – and it all starts with a click.

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Android app that fits your market

With so many Android users around the globe, and so many different devices and specs, it takes a team to optimize your app to each one of the relevant use-cases.

Your job is to understand your target market and target devices, our job is to make sure you fit these perfectly. We have the team; you have the direction – together we can make the best out of every Android device.

Android apps for human users

At the end of each successful Android app are the satisfied users. Each user and use-case must be considered when building your product to allow for the best experience.

Testpoint’s user-oriented testing protocols allows you to identify gaps between the desired experience and the current one to make sure you bridge over them way before any user finds it by themselves. Ensure the experience you desire, for everyone.

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Top rated apps are what you deserve

Your product and hard work deserve to be received well by users – and we are here to help you achieve that. In order to make your product truly desirable you simply must take advantage of the reviews system.

With user-oriented testing protocols, we will help you optimize your app, get it ready for the app store and start collecting those 5-star reviews and top page display.

Make sure you’re ready way before launch

Testing and debugging are  time-consuming processes and any delay that may occur has the potential to affect your launch day and further delay it as well.

We cut down on android application testing time using our resources to allow you to be truly prepared to any scenario that will arise from the most varied types of use. Get it done way before launch day and make sure that you launch perfectly.

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Lead the team

Each test in our platform is being monitored to make sure you will get exactly what you need. You have the control over the testing environments, goals and needs. We simply deliver.

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Multiple results

With a singular, transparent, and simple report you get the most comprehensive understanding of your product’s weak-points – by combining our numerous professional testing results.

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Proven Success

We are working with top apps and services to ensure optimal results such as: Playtika, Matrix and many more. Our experience ensures your own success.

Our Clients

From leading brands to emerging companies, our clients support 1.6 billion+ users and are organizations of all sizes.

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Testpoint is one of the leading forces in the market for finding, filtering, and employing QA testers of the highest quality.

Over the past years we have built a pool of professionals that specialize in any kind of test you may need to ensure your product gets the best treatment possible: testing environments, testing protocols, languages, and platforms. We work alongside our clients to understand and identify the testing needs, build a team and managing it to provide the most comprehensive test results out there.

Forget the limits of your personnel and budget and get the results you always wanted with a team that surpasses the constraints – and in fraction of the cost.