Ali Al-Saidi 

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Enjoys the challenge of ensuring e-commerce and fintech applications work flawlessly after updates.



Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 


Arabic, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Tester Advanced Level


Committed to ensuring the performance and functionality of software systems after modifications.



Ali Al-Saidi provided excellent performance testing for our e-commerce site. His attention to detail and commitment to the project was truly impressive
Ali Al-Saidi was instrumental in our Fintech platform’s regression testing. His advanced level of expertise was evident in the quality of his work
Ali Al-Saidi’s proficiency in both Arabic and English was a great asset during the testing process of our multilingual software. He was committed to ensuring the performance and functionality of the system
Ali Al-Saidi’s testing skills are exceptional. He was thorough and precise in testing our e-commerce website
ensuring that it functioned optimally
Ali Al-Saidi’s professionalism and dedication to his work is commendable. His performance testing skills helped improve the efficiency of our software
Ali Al-Saidi was thorough in his regression testing of our Fintech platform. His expertise was valuable in identifying and rectifying software issues
Ali Al-Saidi’s advanced level of certification is clearly reflected in his work. He was meticulous and efficient in testing our e-commerce site
Ali Al-Saidi’s understanding of both Arabic and English was particularly helpful during the testing process. His commitment to the project was impressive.

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