iOS Application Testing

When you release an iOS app, be it a SaaS service, a social platform or a website, you will probably find some unexpected errors and mistakes. It happens to every product and every app, and you must have the tools to find and fix them.

Testpoint’s pool of professional testers is your key to success. Get the advantages of huge QA in-house teams that are dedicated to your iOS app or service.

Surpass the limits of time-consuming tests and get to peak performances in any aspect – and it all starts with a click.

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Meet Our Testers

Enjoys optimizing game and SaaS application performance through innovative testing strategies.

Takes pleasure in delivering robust e-learning and healthcare solutions that work across multiple platforms.

Enjoys guaranteeing that e-commerce and mobile app users experience smooth and harmonious functionality across various devices and platforms.

Enjoys pushing social media and e-commerce platforms to their limits to guarantee user satisfaction even under stress.

Enjoys pushing the limits of telecommunications and cloud services to ensure they can handle peak loads with ease.

Takes pleasure in refining the usability and user experience of healthcare and mobile applications to ensure they are intuitive and user-friendly.

Takes pleasure in enhancing user experience and ensuring software adapts to different user environments in social media and VR applications.

Enjoys identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening defenses in AI and IoT systems.

Takes pleasure in ensuring cloud and mobile applications provide seamless experiences.

Enjoys improving user experiences in fintech and e-commerce platforms.

Test SWIFT apps, and do it swiftly

iOS has its own demands, requirements and even a coding language and the bottom line is that it wants you to adjust to it – and not the other way around.

Working with Testpoint provides you access to a pool of highly qualified iOS testers, devices and protocols that guarantee a fully comprehensive process, identifying where you need to adjust and contributing to your final performance – even if you started off on Android.

Reach for the stars

The iOS Appstore is a highly competitive place. Apps are uploaded daily to grow the Appstore and the user attention-span drops just as quickly. In order to make your product truly desirable you simply must take advantage of the reviews system.

With user-oriented testing protocols, we will help you optimize your app, get it ready for the app store and start collecting those 5-star reviews and top page display.

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iOS specific testing

Experience is everything when it comes to testing. Knowing which components tend to cause the most troubles, which processes require more attention and what tools are needed to test everything properly is a necessity.

When it comes to iOS, Testpoint’s testers offer the most experienced professionals for you to employ, using dedicated protocols and testing methodologies to help maximize your efforts.

Stay on top of every update

When iOS updates, sometimes, it changes a lot in terms of your product’s operation. Each such update comes with a plethora of configuration changes and your app must be prepared for it.

Fast-pace testings are key to staying on top of any update and upgrade to the OS, and provides you with the ability to not just adjust and fix bugs – but rather upgrade your product itself. Take advantage of our resources to guarantee any update to the OS will be an upgrade for you.

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Lead the team

Each test in our platform is being monitored to make sure you will get exactly what you need. You have the control over the testing environments, goals and needs. We simply deliver.

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Multiple results

With a singular, transparent, and simple report you get the most comprehensive understanding of your product’s weak-points – by combining our numerous professional testing results.

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Proven Success

We are working with top apps and services to ensure optimal results such as: Playtika, Matrix and many more. Our experience ensures your own success.

Our Clients

From leading brands to emerging companies, our clients support 1.6 billion+ users and are organizations of all sizes.

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Testpoint is one of the leading forces in the market for finding, filtering, and employing QA testers of the highest quality.

Over the past years we have built a pool of professionals that specialize in any kind of test you may need to ensure your product gets the best treatment possible: testing environments, testing protocols, languages, and platforms. We work alongside our clients to understand and identify the testing needs, build a team and managing it to provide the most comprehensive test results out there.

Forget the limits of your personnel and budget and get the results you always wanted with a team that surpasses the constraints – and in fraction of the cost.


With Testpoint you can submit your test needs via our site pre-set templates. In case you have unique requirements, you can always contact us for a managed testing service powered by our Testagency we-test.

There are many advantages of real testing VS lab testing. Some of the main benefits are the ability to test in real life conditions – in your real geographic markets by real people using real devices, and by many of them at the same time.

There are many types of crowdsourcing , for example:
Crowdtesting, Crowdwriting, Crowdfunding, crowd voting, crowd smart, design and more.
Crowdsourcing is a form of collaboration that involves sharing or outsourcing certain tasks in a project to be carried out by a community of collaborators, instead of what traditionally would be done – through subcontracting or outsourcing to a company.

Software testing is roughly divided into 2 areas, functional and non-functional.

Functional testing is the process through which QAs determine if a piece of software is acting in accordance with predetermined requirements, e.g that login works.

Non-functional testing is aimed at the way a system operates under certain conditions , e.g when multiple users login at once.

Testpoint wizard allows a customer to submit his test to multiple testers worldwide by himself, anytime, anywhere. 

Post submission the test cycle will start almost immediately and the customer will receive inputs within hours from the selected testers. All reports are aggregated to the customer dashboard in a very organized ,easy & manageable way.

Our recommendation is to take at least 3 testers per platform.

As people are different, some are more sensitive to user interface issues and some to functionality, so you will get more insights.

And it’s great for verification and deeper understanding , if you have a bug reported from 2 or 3 then it is indeed there.

The best test to choose is the one that is suitable to what you need at the moment!

For example, if you want to quickly discover the most common 1st degree bugs or you are just in a hurry choose ‘Speedtest’.

If you are testing as you develop and what testers to follow your test plan and coverage choose ‘Daily’.

The correct test is the one you need, so , let’s divide it into needs and then relate it to a pre-set wizard option.

  1. You want to catch 1st degree bugs that most of your users will find, or you want to verify your production main scenario’s functionality, or you  are in a rush….choose speedtest.
  2. You want to focus on  flows/features/version/regression , actually test while you dev and before you launch….choose ‘Daily’
  3. You want a combination and the freedom to combine between of the 2 above options Plus determine your test time frame Plus the option to  test in specific countries . choose ‘My way’
  4. For enterprise or specific needs or just conveniency choose ‘managed testing service’

Unique in the app testing world, Testpoint allows Independent, cost effective, quick and high quality results , like no other testing service in the traditional market today.

The minimum requirement is that your app is available , up & running with the most basic flows.

When you submit your tests you need to submit it separately. why? First, Because an android app cannot be installed on an apple device and vice versa, that is trivial.

Second,  on Android app testing you can supply your APK file or a link to download from  while with iOS app tests you need an enterprise/testflight license or a link to the Appstore for testers to install.

Third, there are inherent differences in the UK/UI between the platforms, today they are minor but in many cases the same app is designed and acts differently on those 2 platforms.

Different world entirely….a desktop app designed  to work on pc’s/ mac’s , with different operating tools and scope.

Think about the use of famous games in the market, the use of a high-end pc with pro keyboards , mouse and high speed network is a must! The mobile experience cannot replace it. The same go’s for desktop app testing VS mobile app testing.

Yes, it does. To be accurate – it adds a test type called stress/load.
For example , if you expect a thousand daily users and up to a hundred concurrent ones then you should test your app at least 10% more than that,so, eleven hundred during the day and one hundred and ten concurrent.
Tip-Make sure your app is fully functional ready and with good quality before you do any stress/load testing.

Testpoint testers come from all over the world, some of them are professional testers and some are technical-oriented users.

To become a Testpoint tester, a tester goes through a tough screening process where Testpoint verifies that the tester can communicate and correspond well in english. Second, a tester goes through an online exam to check how many and how well he finds the implemented bugs in it.

And third, even if a tester passes, he gets an initial rating that keeps on changing by the customers and our community manager when he participates in a live test cycle.

Testpoint platform always chooses the highest rated testers available per test cycle,always.

Because no one wants to have buggy software that does not work or works badly… your users expect high quality products as you do when you use others yourself, the market is competitive and if you ‘fail’ on quality then the alternatives are 2 seconds away, be the one that the users go to and not the one that they go from.