Priya Singh 

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Enjoys guaranteeing that e-commerce and mobile app users experience smooth and harmonious functionality across various devices and platforms.



Bangalore, India 


Hindi, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Software Tester (CST)


Committed to ensuring the overall functionality and compatibility of software systems.



Priya Singh’s compatibility testing for our mobile app was exceptional. Her ability to communicate in both Hindi and English was greatly beneficial to our diverse team
Priya Singh’s certification as a software tester was evident in her meticulous and structured approach to our project. Her work ethic and professionalism were outstanding
Priya Singh’s attention to detail in system testing was instrumental in providing a high-quality user experience for our e-commerce customers
Priya Singh’s insights during compatibility testing greatly enhanced our mobile app’s performance across different devices. Her recommendations were invaluable
Priya Singh’s dedication to software quality is commendable. Her systematic approach to testing ensured that our e-commerce and mobile app platforms were robust and user-friendly
Priya Singh’s proficiency in testing and her commitment to excellence made a significant impact on the success of our software products. Her thorough testing practices were key to our confidence in system functionality and compatibility

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