Samantha Roberts 

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Takes pleasure in refining the usability and user experience of healthcare and mobile applications to ensure they are intuitive and user-friendly.



Chicago, USA 


English, German

Expertise and Skills


Certified User Experience Professional (CUXP)


Committed to enhancing user engagement and satisfaction in healthcare applications and mobile app interfaces.



Samantha Roberts’s user experience testing for our mobile apps was thorough, leading to a seamless and engaging user interface
Samantha Roberts’s ability to communicate effectively in both English and German broadened our testing feedback loop and improved our product’s international reach
As a Certified User Experience Professional, Samantha Roberts’s expertise in UX principles was evident in the user-centric design of our healthcare applications
Samantha Roberts’s approach to usability testing was empathetic and patient-focused, ensuring our mobile apps were accessible and met the needs of users
Samantha Roberts’s commitment to excellence in user experience was apparent in the positive feedback from users, setting a high standard for healthcare mobile apps
Samantha Roberts’s professionalism and passion for user-centered design were pivotal in the acclaim and widespread adoption of our healthcare and mobile applications

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