Ananya Sharma 

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Enjoys enhancing user experiences in big data and gaming platforms.



Mumbai, India 


Hindi, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Software Quality Analyst


Committed to ensuring the security and high performance of software systems.



Ananya Sharma’s expertise in security testing was instrumental in safeguarding our big data system. She was thorough and professional throughout the process
Ananya Sharma’s performance testing skills were impressive. She helped us optimize our gaming system and ensure it runs smoothly even under heavy load
Ananya Sharma’s proficiency in both Hindi and English was a big help in our project. She was able to effectively communicate with our diverse team and keep everyone on the same page
Ananya Sharma’s commitment to ensuring the security and high performance of software systems is commendable. She helped us identify and fix potential vulnerabilities in our system
Ananya Sharma’s certification as a Software Quality Analyst clearly shows in her work. She has a keen eye for detail and doesn’t miss out on any potential issues
Ananya Sharma’s understanding of big data systems is top-notch. She helped us improve our system’s efficiency and security
Ananya Sharma’s work ethic and professionalism are admirable. She was always prompt and went above and beyond to meet our testing needs
Ananya Sharma’s knowledge in gaming systems was a great asset to our project. She helped us enhance the performance and user experience of our system.

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