Yumi Nakamura 

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Enjoys pushing social media and e-commerce platforms to their limits to guarantee user satisfaction even under stress.



Tokyo, Japan 


Japanese, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Quality Auditor


Committed to ensuring software can handle high traffic and maintain quality standards.



Yumi Nakamura excelled in quality assurance for our e-commerce website. Her meticulous testing ensured that our platform maintained high standards of quality
Yumi Nakamura’s bilingual abilities in Japanese and English were instrumental in effectively coordinating our international testing efforts
Yumi Nakamura’s role as a Certified Quality Auditor was reflected in her thorough and systematic approach to testing, ensuring our software’s reliability and performance
Yumi Nakamura’s insights into stress testing provided us with the confidence that our social media apps could handle peak loads without issues
Yumi Nakamura’s dedication to quality assurance helped us to continuously improve our e-commerce user experience, making her an invaluable member of our team
Yumi Nakamura’s professionalism and attention to detail in testing have significantly contributed to the robustness and success of our software platforms

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