Li Wei 

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Enjoys pushing the limits of telecommunications and cloud services to ensure they can handle peak loads with ease.



Shanghai, China 


Mandarin, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP)


Dedicated to ensuring the durability and scalability of software systems under extreme conditions.



Li Wei’s load testing for our cloud services was comprehensive, ensuring that our platforms could handle high traffic volumes without issues
Li Wei’s bilingual skills in Mandarin and English greatly facilitated cross-cultural team collaboration and enhanced our testing processes
Li Wei’s certification as a software test professional was reflected in his systematic and thorough approach to our stress and load testing needs
Li Wei’s proactive stance in identifying potential bottlenecks in our telecom networks was invaluable. His suggestions led to significant improvements
Li Wei’s contributions to our cloud infrastructure testing were remarkable. His ability to simulate extreme scenarios ensured that our services remained reliable and efficient
Li Wei’s commitment to software testing excellence was evident in every aspect of his work. His dedication to ensuring system scalability and performance under stress was exemplary
Li Wei’s meticulous testing methods and deep understanding of telecommunications and cloud services played a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience and system reliability

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