Sarah Thompson 

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Enjoys optimizing game and SaaS application performance through innovative testing strategies.



Los Angeles, USA 


English, Spanish

Expertise and Skills


Certified Quality Engineer


Committed to ensuring the reliability and performance of software through automation.



Sarah Thompson excelled in performance testing our SaaS applications. Her technical skills and attention to detail were evident throughout the project
Sarah Thompson’s bilingual abilities in English and Spanish facilitated clear communication and streamlined our international testing efforts
Sarah Thompson’s dedication to quality engineering significantly improved our software’s performance. She was proactive in identifying potential issues and implementing solutions
Sarah Thompson’s expertise in automated testing was crucial in our development cycle. Her work ensured that our gaming platforms were thoroughly tested and met high standards
Sarah Thompson’s performance testing skills were vital in optimizing our SaaS applications. Her approach to testing and quality assurance helped us deliver a superior product to our users
Sarah Thompson’s professionalism and skill as a Certified Quality Engineer greatly enhanced our software development process. Her commitment to excellence was reflected in the successful performance of our applications

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