Raj Patel 

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Takes pleasure in delivering robust e-learning and healthcare solutions that work across multiple platforms.



Bangalore, India 


Hindi, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Test Manager


Dedicated to ensuring the overall system functions correctly and is compatible with various devices.



Raj Patel’s compatibility testing for our healthcare system was thorough, ensuring that the software worked flawlessly on different devices and operating systems
Raj Patel’s proficiency in both Hindi and English was a great asset to our project. His ability to communicate effectively made the testing process more efficient
Raj Patel’s dedication to his role as a Certified Test Manager was evident in the quality of his work. He led the testing team with expertise and ensured high standards were met
Raj Patel’s expertise in system testing contributed significantly to the success of our e-learning platform. His attention to detail and structured approach were invaluable
Raj Patel’s skills in compatibility testing were essential for the smooth operation of our healthcare systems. His efforts ensured a positive user experience across various devices
Raj Patel’s professionalism and commitment to quality were outstanding. His testing strategies were crucial in delivering e-learning and healthcare solutions that exceeded expectations

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