Anna Ivanova 

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Takes pleasure in ensuring VR and big data applications provide seamless experiences.



Moscow, Russia 


Russian, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Professional Tester


Dedicated to ensuring the functionality and integration of individual software components.



Anna Ivanova was instrumental in the successful integration testing of our VR systems. Her expertise and dedication ensured all individual software components functioned as expected
Anna Ivanova did an exceptional job with the functional testing of our Big Data systems. Her thoroughness and attention to detail were commendable
Anna Ivanova’s proficiency in both Russian and English was a big advantage during our project. Her ability to understand and execute complex testing procedures was impressive
Anna Ivanova’s commitment to delivering high-quality results was evident in the functional testing of our software. Her efficiency and professionalism are commendable
Anna Ivanova’s expertise in VR systems was a game-changer for our project. Her knowledge and skills greatly contributed to the success of our integration testing
Anna Ivanova’s experience as a certified professional tester was clearly reflected in her work. She ensured all our Big Data systems were thoroughly tested and met the required standards
Anna Ivanova’s dedication to ensuring the functionality of our software components was exemplary. Her meticulous approach to integration testing ensured our VR systems performed optimally
Anna Ivanova’s work ethic and dedication were commendable. She went above and beyond in the functional testing of our Big Data systems
ensuring all components worked seamlessly.

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