Anna Schmidt 

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Enjoys ensuring that FinTech and IoT products deliver peak performance and reliability under various conditions.



Munich, Germany 


German, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL)


Committed to enhancing the efficiency and resilience of software in the financial and IoT sectors.



Anna Schmidt’s performance testing for our IoT devices was thorough, resulting in highly optimized and dependable products
Anna Schmidt’s ability to communicate effectively in both German and English was a key asset in our international project collaboration
Anna Schmidt’s certification as a Tester Foundation Level professional was demonstrated in her structured and effective approach to testing
Anna Schmidt’s proactive efforts in load testing helped us identify and resolve potential issues in our FinTech software before they affected customers
Anna Schmidt’s insights and recommendations during performance testing greatly improved the user experience of our IoT devices
Anna Schmidt’s dedication to quality and her systematic testing approach played a crucial role in the success of our FinTech and IoT innovations

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