David Johnson 

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Enjoys pushing the boundaries of e-commerce and web services to guarantee they can handle the demands of high traffic and transactions.



San Francisco, USA 


English, Spanish

Expertise and Skills


Certified Performance Testing Engineer (CPTE)


Committed to ensuring the robustness and peak performance of e-commerce and web service applications.



David Johnson’s load testing for our web services was thorough, ensuring that our infrastructure could support a surge in user activity
David Johnson’s bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish greatly benefited our international team dynamics and client interactions
As a Certified Performance Testing Engineer, David Johnson’s skills were evident in his precise and efficient testing methodologies
David Johnson’s proactive stance in load and stress testing helped us preemptively optimize our web services, leading to a smooth user experience
David Johnson’s commitment to performance excellence was clear in his attention to detail, ensuring our e-commerce platform could handle peak loads effortlessly
David Johnson’s professional approach to testing and optimization has significantly contributed to the reliability and success of our online business solutions

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