David O'Reilly 

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Enjoys the challenge of ensuring fintech and cloud computing applications work flawlessly after updates.



Dublin, Ireland 


English, Gaelic

Expertise and Skills


Certified Tester Advanced Level


Committed to ensuring the performance and functionality of software systems after modifications.



David O’Reilly was instrumental in ensuring our fintech platform ran smoothly after several major updates
his expertise in performance testing was impressive and reassuring
David was a key player in our regression testing after we migrated our services to the cloud
his understanding of cloud computing is top-notch
We had David run an advanced level test on our software
his certification and experience were clearly demonstrated in the thoroughness of his work
David’s commitment to testing and improving our software systems was commendable
he was always available and ready to tackle any issues
David O’Reilly’s proficiency in fintech platforms was a major asset during our testing phase
his insights and suggestions were invaluable
David’s knowledge of both English and Gaelic was helpful in testing our Ireland-based cloud systems
his cultural understanding added an extra layer of depth to the testing process
I must commend David for his commitment to ensuring the functionality of our software systems after modifications
his dedication is truly admirable.
his insights and suggestions were invaluable

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