Elizabeth Brown 

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Enjoys ensuring that finance and cybersecurity products meet rigorous performance and security standards for optimal user trust and safety.



New York, USA 


English, Italian

Expertise and Skills


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)


Committed to ensuring the highest level of performance and security in critical financial and cybersecurity software.



Elizabeth Brown’s security testing for our cybersecurity solutions was thorough and precise, resulting in robust protection against threats
Elizabeth Brown’s fluency in English and Italian facilitated effective communication with our international security teams, enhancing collaboration
As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Elizabeth Brown’s detailed approach to security testing was key in safeguarding our digital assets
Elizabeth Brown’s proactive stance in performance testing allowed us to optimize our financial software for high-speed transactions and reliability
Elizabeth Brown’s insights and meticulousness in security testing significantly enhanced the resilience of our cybersecurity products
Elizabeth Brown’s dedication to software excellence was evident in her commitment to rigorous testing, contributing greatly to the trustworthiness and success of our finance and security applications

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