Emily Johnson 

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Takes pride in conducting rigorous performance and security testing to ensure SaaS platforms are reliable and protected against cyber threats.



San Francisco, USA 


English, Spanish

Expertise and Skills


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)


Dedicated to ensuring the performance and security of SaaS platforms and technology startup products.



Emily Johnson’s security testing for our technology startup was meticulous, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding user data and maintaining a secure service
Emily Johnson’s proficiency in English and Spanish enhanced our ability to serve a diverse customer base and meet the needs of a global market
As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Emily Johnson’s expertise in security was paramount in building trust and ensuring the integrity of our SaaS products
Emily Johnson’s systematic approach to performance testing allowed us to optimize our platform for peak performance, ensuring a seamless experience for our users
Emily Johnson’s commitment to security and performance excellence was evident in her thorough testing, contributing to the reliability and reputation of our technology startup
Emily Johnson’s professional testing and optimization efforts have been essential in the scalability and security of our SaaS platforms and services for technology startups

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