James Johnson 

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Finds joy in optimizing algorithms and refining code for better performance.



Paris, France 


English, French

Expertise and Skills


Senior Software Test Engineer


Dedicated to building scalable and robust software solutions with a focus on user-centric design.



James Johnson was instrumental in testing our AI system. His expertise in functional and unit testing was evident and he was able to identify key areas for improvement. His dedication to user-centric design was a big plus
James Johnson was a great help in testing our mobile application. He was thorough and his attention to detail was commendable. His understanding of English and French was a great advantage in testing our multilingual app
We hired James Johnson to test our online game. His knowledge of the gaming industry and his ability to thoroughly test our game was impressive. His dedication to building robust software solutions was clearly seen in his work
James Johnson did a fantastic job in testing our machine learning algorithm. His understanding of the subject matter was deep and he was able to provide valuable insights
We were impressed with James Johnson’s testing skills when he worked on our software project. His dedication to building scalable solutions and his expertise in functional testing were truly beneficial
James Johnson provided excellent testing services for our AI project. His knowledge of English and French was beneficial in understanding the nuances of our project
We were pleased with James Johnson’s testing services for our mobile application. His expertise in unit testing and his dedication to user-centric design helped us improve our app significantly.

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