Jessica Thompson 

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Enjoys the challenge of load and performance testing to guarantee e-commerce sites remain responsive and efficient under high user demand.



Denver, USA 


English, Mandarin

Expertise and Skills


Certified Performance Testing Engineer (CPTE)


Dedicated to ensuring robust performance and scalability of e-commerce platforms and web infrastructure.



Jessica Thompson’s performance testing for our web infrastructure was exhaustive, ensuring fast load times and a smooth shopping experience
Jessica Thompson’s fluency in English and Mandarin significantly aided our expansion into Asian markets and enhanced our customer support
As a Certified Performance Testing Engineer, Jessica Thompson’s precision in testing was key to the continuous improvement of our web performance
Jessica Thompson’s systematic approach to performance testing enabled us to optimize our e-commerce platform for high traffic and user satisfaction
Jessica Thompson’s commitment to performance excellence was apparent in her meticulous testing, which ensured our web infrastructure could support growing business demands
Jessica Thompson’s professional testing and optimization efforts have been pivotal in the robustness and success of our e-commerce solutions

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