Kim Jisoo 

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Enjoys improving user experiences in gaming and fintech platforms.



Seoul, South Korea 


Korean, English

Expertise and Skills


ISTQB Certified Tester


Dedicated to ensuring high performance and usability of software systems.



Kim Jisoo’s expertise in load testing was instrumental in the success of our gaming system project. Her attention to detail and dedication to ensuring high performance was truly commendable
Kim Jisoo was a vital asset in the usability testing of our fintech platform. Her proficiency in both Korean and English was a huge advantage in understanding the nuances of our multilingual software
Kim Jisoo’s ISTQB certification is well deserved. Her knowledge and experience in the field of software testing is truly impressive. Her work on our gaming system was flawless and she ensured that it was ready for launch without any glitches.

Other Testing Services

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