Laura Rossi 

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Enjoys enhancing user experiences in mobile app and e-commerce systems.



Rome, Italy 


Italian, English

Expertise and Skills


ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager


Dedicated to ensuring the security and usability of software systems.



Laura Rossi was instrumental in ensuring the security of our mobile application. Her meticulous approach and attention to detail helped us identify and fix potential vulnerabilities before they became a problem
Laura Rossi was a true professional when it came to usability testing for our e-commerce website. She provided valuable feedback and suggestions that significantly improved the user experience
Laura Rossi’s expertise in security testing was evident in the way she handled the testing process for our software system. Her dedication and commitment to quality were commendable. She was able to identify security flaws that we were not aware of
making our system much more secure
Laura Rossi’s knowledge and experience in usability testing greatly improved the functionality of our mobile app. Her suggestions were practical and easy to implement
resulting in a more user-friendly app
Laura Rossi’s security testing skills were invaluable in ensuring the safety of our e-commerce platform. She identified several security risks and provided effective solutions to mitigate them
Laura Rossi’s proficiency in usability testing was evident in the improvements she suggested for our software system. She provided clear and actionable feedback that helped us enhance the user experience.

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