Lukas Müller 

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Takes pride in enhancing the performance and user experience of automotive and smart home technologies.



Berlin, Germany 


German, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Software Tester Advanced Level


Dedicated to optimizing software performance and ensuring reliability in high-demand scenarios.



Lukas Müller’s performance testing of our smart home systems was comprehensive, leading to highly reliable and efficient software
Lukas Müller’s fluency in both German and English facilitated seamless communication across our diverse team and stakeholders
As a Certified Software Tester Advanced Level, Lukas Müller’s proficiency in performance testing methodologies was evident in the quality of his work
Lukas Müller’s approach to load testing was methodical and data-driven, allowing us to optimize our automotive software for peak performance
Lukas Müller’s commitment to software quality shone through in his meticulous testing of smart home systems, ensuring a seamless user experience
Lukas Müller’s professionalism and expertise in software testing have greatly contributed to the innovation and success of our automotive and smart home products

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