Michael Brown 

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Enjoys the challenge of ensuring software and mobile apps are not only high-performing but also user-friendly and intuitive.



Los Angeles, USA 


English, Japanese

Expertise and Skills


Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE)


Dedicated to enhancing the performance and usability of software and mobile applications.



Michael Brown’s usability testing for our software was comprehensive, resulting in intuitive user interfaces and positive user experiences
Michael Brown’s proficiency in English and Japanese allowed us to effectively cater to a diverse user base and improve our product’s international appeal
As a Certified Software Test Engineer, Michael Brown’s expertise in performance and usability testing was evident in the high quality and competitive edge of our software products
Michael Brown’s systematic approach to testing enabled us to optimize our mobile apps for performance, leading to higher user retention and satisfaction
Michael Brown’s dedication to technical excellence was clear in his meticulous testing processes, which helped us maintain a strong presence in the competitive software market
Michael Brown’s professional testing and optimization efforts have been instrumental in the success and user adoption of our software development and mobile application projects

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