Michael Johnson 

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Takes joy in refining the interactivity and engagement of gaming and VR environments to ensure user delight.



San Francisco, USA 


English, Spanish

Expertise and Skills


Certified User Experience Professional (CUXP)


Dedicated to creating immersive and intuitive user experiences in the gaming and VR industries.



Michael Johnson’s user experience testing for our VR interface was meticulous, leading to an immersive and intuitive virtual environment
Michael Johnson’s bilingual capabilities in English and Spanish enhanced our ability to cater to a diverse user base and gather comprehensive feedback
As a Certified User Experience Professional, Michael Johnson’s expertise in UX best practices was evident in the polished experiences we delivered
Michael Johnson’s approach to usability testing was innovative and player-focused, ensuring our games were accessible and enjoyable
Michael Johnson’s commitment to excellence in user experience was apparent in the positive reception of our VR products, setting new industry standards
Michael Johnson’s professionalism and passion for user-centric design have been pivotal in the widespread acclaim of our gaming and VR experiences

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