Pierre Dubois 

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Takes pleasure in enhancing user experience and ensuring software adapts to different user environments in mobile and social media applications.



Paris, France 


French, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Software Test Engineer


Dedicated to ensuring high performance and scalability of applications in high-traffic scenarios.



Pierre Dubois was instrumental in ensuring our mobile app could handle high traffic scenarios
his expertise in load testing really shone through. His certification as a software test engineer was evident in the quality of his work
Pierre is a real professional in stress testing. He made sure our social media platform could handle the influx of users we were anticipating
The dedication Pierre showed in ensuring our application was high performing was remarkable. His understanding of the English language was clear and precise
making communication a breeze. Pierre’s work was of high quality and he was always dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for our project. His knowledge of the French market was invaluable for our targeted campaign. Pierre was always professional and his experience in mobile applications was evident in his work. His testing skills were top-notch
ensuring our social media platform was ready for launch. His dedication to ensuring the scalability of our application was commendable.

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