Ravi Sharma 

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Enjoys the challenge of ensuring fintech and e-commerce applications work flawlessly after updates.



Mumbai, India 


Hindi, English

Expertise and Skills


Certified Tester Advanced Level


Committed to ensuring the performance and functionality of software systems after modifications.



Ravi Sharma delivered an exceptional performance testing for our fintech platform. His meticulous approach and commitment to ensuring software functionality post-modifications were commendable
Ravi Sharma’s expertise in Regression Testing was a game-changer for our e-commerce website. He was able to identify and rectify critical issues that significantly improved our site’s performance
Ravi Sharma’s proficiency in Hindi and English made communication seamless during the testing process. His Certified Tester Advanced Level skills were clearly evident in the quality of his work
Ravi Sharma’s commitment to his work is impressive. He worked tirelessly to ensure our fintech platform functioned optimally after modifications
Ravi Sharma’s performance testing skills are top-notch. He was able to identify bottlenecks in our e-commerce website and provide solutions to improve its performance
Ravi Sharma is a skilled tester. His understanding of fintech platforms and e-commerce websites is commendable. He ensured our software system’s performance and functionality were not compromised after modifications
Ravi Sharma’s dedication and commitment to his work are inspiring. He went above and beyond to ensure our e-commerce website performed optimally after modifications.

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