Samuel Lee 

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Takes pride in conducting thorough performance and security testing to guarantee healthcare systems are efficient and protect sensitive patient data.



New York, USA 


English, Korean

Expertise and Skills


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)


Dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of performance and security for healthcare systems and patient data management.



Samuel Lee’s security testing for our healthcare applications was meticulous, safeguarding patient information and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations
Samuel Lee’s fluency in English and Korean greatly enhanced our communication with international healthcare providers and patients
As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Samuel Lee’s proficiency in security testing was paramount in preventing data breaches and preserving patient confidentiality
Samuel Lee’s proactive approach to performance testing allowed us to optimize our healthcare systems for speed and reliability, ensuring patient satisfaction
Samuel Lee’s commitment to security and performance excellence was evident in his comprehensive testing, which contributed to the trustworthiness and efficiency of our healthcare services
Samuel Lee’s professional testing and optimization efforts have been vital to the innovation and success of our healthcare and patient data management solutions

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